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Boyka Pottery
I am always doing things I cant do, that are how I get to do them.

Pablo Picasso
An Anagama is a Japanese type kiln, which is fueled with firewood. Stoking continuous until Cone 10 to 13 is reached, which depending on the size of the kiln and takes from 48 hours to 12 days or more. The kiln takes the same amount of time to cool down. Burning wood also produces fly ash. Wood ash settles on the pieces during the firing and forms a natural ash glaze. The located in the kiln determines if the pot could receive a heavy ash glaze with texture or just flame marks. Different types of wood produce different colors of ash glaze. The atmosphere changes from oxidation to reduction adding additional effects.
This is my favorite firing in which I get to participate few times a year or less.
Bamboo Vases with Naturale Ash Glaze
Bowl with Carbon Trap Shino
Covered Jar with Shino Glaze
Covered Jar with flame marks
Bowls with Red Shino inside
Covered Jar with natural ash glaze
Grass inprint Bowl
Herb Pot
Porcelain Bowl with Shino Glaze
Porcelain Vase with Carbon Trap Shino
Porcelain Pot with Shino glaze
Porcelain Vase with Carbon Trap Shino2
Leaf with Lizard
Red Stoneware Vase
Sake Cups with Shark Skin Shino
Stoneware Bowl with porcelain pots
Stoneware Jug
Tea bowl
Tea Bowl wit Old Yellow glaze
Vase with Red Shino
Tea Cup with naturale Ash Glaze
Sake Cups Red Shino
Oval Bowl with Shino glaze
Red Stoneware with Red Shino
Red Stoneware